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Hello. Zuko here.

(Exile by choice, this time.)

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Firebending, Dragon Dance


May 28th, 2008

Goin' a-huntin'!

Ah, the wilds of... Kansas.

The party are well out of sight of Smallville, by now, and into country marked only by the occasional field boundary where there's open ground, and dotted with scrubby trees elsewhere. There's little evidence of animal life so far, monstrous or otherwise, although some of the fences appear to be battered here and there. Possibly by hungry cattle getting desperate enough to escape.

Possibly not.

At any rate, Zuko's called a halt for everyone to catch a breather and to decide where to go next.

"We're far enough out that we could start to circle back around," he says after a moment, leaning against a convenient tree. "Anyone have a preference for direction?"

[OOC: Hi! Here be a place for running with whatever you feel like. Want to split up? Start a thread! Want to run into some evil terrifying monster? Call me! (Or, start an OOC thread which can be deleted later. I have the OOC comm and icon-making facilities. Bring it.)

My plans are vague: mainly that they'll be out no more than a couple of days, splitting up and rejoining as plot requires, and hopefully that Sokka and Zuko can get in some manly bonding for great canon homage; and then will come back having fought off a few critters that have wandered into the safe zone from a portal elsewhere (suggestions for species are most welcome) and bring back the corpse of a terrifying deformed monster what they have slain, which will turn out to be a hapless escaped cow. My research informs me that Kansas has those, and also that the Avatarverse has them not.

Zuko's leadership can be godded in very vague terms as needed - he'll mostly be competent (except when it comes to the freaky, terrifying cows) and generally allow people to take initiative provided they have some way of taking care of themselves, and he won't be leaving anyone behind. Questions? Make an OOC thread!]
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