Hello. Zuko here.

(Exile by choice, this time.)

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Zuko was the crown prince of the Fire Nation until one day when he was thirteen, when he made the mistake of questioning his father in a tactical meeting. One Agni Kai, a disfiguring facial scar, and a banishment later, he was an exiled prince searching for the Avatar, his one hope of redemption. Three years later, he found him.

That's when things got really complicated.


Zuko comes into Shatterverse mid-season three, just after episode 13, The Firebending Masters. He has joined Aang and his friends, and taken his first steps as the Avatar's teacher.

[OOC: Zuko is from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and is the property of Nickelodeon. I am making no profit off this RP journal.]